Yuzuki Souraku (相楽 結月 Souraku Yuzuki?), born Yuzuki Fushimi (伏見 結月 Fushimi Yuzuki?) is the current president of Ayanokouji Martial Arts School.


She is a woman with medium-length blue hair, bluish purple eyes and fair skin. She wear simple deep grey business suit with inner black turtleneck shirt and a necklace with simple red round shaped pendant.

20 years ago she have a short hairstyle, and wearing an old Renpu Girls' School uniform.


She have serious, dutiful attitude, always speak when necessary. She doesn't tolerate someone go against order but at the same time doesn't harsh on people.


She joined Renpu Girls' School and became Toji at some point in the past.

Until 20 years ago, the Great Aradama appear causing disaster. She along with her friends participate in the battle against that Great Aradama. She take order from Yukari Origami, take everyone retreat, only Yukari and Kagari(and Minato who disobey order to continue fighting and assist Yukari, Kagari) go further to perform secret technique to destroy the Great Aradama. She along with Ema KagamishimaIroha YoshinoYukina SagamiSana Arami successful escape with some injury. Two years after the incident she being appointed as one of six heroes of the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay and became Ayanokouji Martial Arts School president until now.


While she is not directly appear in person, she appear in the flashback 20 years ago when she and her friend was still an active Toji fighting the Great Aradama.

She make an actual appearance in Episode 8, briefly seeing the new on TV about the event regarding Minoseki Academy and Osafune Girls' School involvement of terrorist activities without any reaction.

Combat Abilities

As one of the six heroes who help vanquish the Great Aradama, she is strong when she was a Toji. Currently she is just a normal woman.