Yukina Takatsu (高津 雪那 Takatsu Yukina?), born Yukina Sagami (相模 雪那 Sagami Yukina?) is the current president of Renpu Girls' School.


Yukina is a woman with purple hair arranged into a bun and purple eyes with a piercing glare. She is dressed in a red-and-black collared suit, with black hosiery and black pumps completing her look. She wears a badge carrying the crest of Renpu Girls' School on her left collar.

20 years ago when she was still an active Toji, she have a short hairstyle, tied into two small ponytail and wear an old Renpu Girls' School uniform.


A woman with a sharp tongue and an impatient personality, Yukina would lash out at anyone who displeases her or the head of the Origami Family. She also takes great pride in Renpu Girls' School, and would constantly ask for the authorities to use her students in important tasks.[1]She also have a great obsession over Yukari Origami, trying to do anything to impress her.

Both Ema Hashima and Iroha Gojou met Yukina when she was still a younger Toji, and they agreed that Yukina wasn't as blunt as she was before.[1]


Yukina is one of the "six elites" who vanquished the Great Aradama that ravaged during the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay.[2]


Despite not receiving any summons from the Special Sword Administration Bureau, Yukina stormed into the headquarters as soon as news of the attack on Yukari Origami had been confirmed. She immediately urged the authorities to be aggressive in looking for the whereabouts of Hiyori Juujou and Kanami Etou, and started blaming people, starting from the Elite Guard who she accused of not doing anything, up to Ema Hashima and Iroha Gojou, the presidents of Minoseki Academy and Heijou Institute, for "raising traitors".

Ema, Iroha and Yukina would later be present in the control room of the Special Sword Administration Bureau headquarters as the investigation proceeded, where Kanami's schoolmate Mai Yanase would also find herself on the receiving end of Yukina's accusations. Meanwhile, as the authorities found the whereabouts of Hiyori and Kanami, Yukina privately ordered one of her students, Sayaka Itomi, to confront the two fugitives directly. This attempt ultimately failed as Sayaka was defeated by Hiyori and Kanami.[1] In addition, Yukina was reprimanded by Yukari herself for performing unauthorized actions in light of dispatching Sayaka, and she faced the risk of being dismissed from the fugitive case. It was only during the detection of S-Equipment pods deployed without permission that Yukina was able to return to her post along with the students of Renpu.[2]

Combat Abilities

As one of the six heroines of the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, she is strong when she was a Toji. Currently is she just a normal woman.


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