Wakako Naeba
Rarity: IconRarity2 School: IconSchoolRenpu
Voiced by: ???
IconStatsHeart Heart 24 (Lv 1)
IconStatsTechnique Technique 40 (Lv 1)
IconStatsBody Body 16 (Lv 1)
Support Skill
IconSkillEmpty Suppression
SP Cost: 27
At Level 4:

For 2 turns, reduces a single enemy's Offense by 80 and Spirit by 60

Wakako Naeba
Rarity: IconRarity3 School: IconSchoolRenpu
Voiced by: ???
IconStatsHeart Heart 608 (Lv 40)
IconStatsTechnique Technique 640 (Lv 40)
IconStatsBody Body 592 (Lv 40)
Support Skill
IconSkillEmpty Frontline Suppression
SP Cost: 36
At Level 9:

For 3 turns, reduces a single enemy's Offense by 200, Spirit by 200 and Physique by 180


Wakako Naeba (苗場 和歌子 Naeba Wakako?) is a 15-year-old first year high school student of Renpu Girls' School. She was a former student of Ayanokouji Martial Arts School. She was among the people brought by Suzuka Konohana from Kyoto during the time she was invited into the Origami Family Elite Guard. A staunch devotee of Suzuka, her feelings that border outright romantic love intensify day by day. She openly shows jealousy towards anyone who approaches Suzuka, especially Maki whom she treats with distinct animosity. If she is not involved in Suzuka's affairs, she is a very ordinary girl.