Ep01 15m39s

A student from Ayanokouji survives being split to the torso with the use of Utsushi.

Utsushi (写シ, lit., "Duplicate") is a basic combat technique used by Toji and is their greatest defensive technique.


Utsushi uses the Toji's okatana as an intermediary to temporarily transform the user's body into an energy-like state. In this state, the user glows with a noticeable white light. While Utsushi is active, in exchange for a slight feeling of pain and mental fatigue, any damage by users can be received by the Utsushi instead. Receiving a blow to a part of a body will make that part vanish and its function be lost, but one's real body will take no damage while it is active. Losing one's concentration, passing out and losing contact with one's okatana also severs the link with one's Utsushi.

As part of the Toji training curriculum, student-Toji train to prolong the duration of Utsushi and to allow the mind to withstand more blows while maintaining the state of Utsushi. Kanami Etou and Mai Yanase from Minoseki Academy have displayed the ability to maintain Utsushi for the longest in their class. The mental strain was also so substantial that even honor students can only maintain Utsushi in two to three hits in battle.