Toji no Tomo: Sword-Wielding Maidens ~Light of the Cleaving Flash~ Publicity Manga (とじのとも 刀使の巫女 刻みし一閃の燈火 宣伝マンガ Toji no Tomo: Toji no Miko ~Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi~ Senden Manga?) is an ongoing four-panel manga series that promotes the upcoming mobile game Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi.

Chapter List

  1. "Toji no Miko" - Kanami Etou and Mihono Asakura introduce themselves as protagonists of the anime series and the upcoming mobile game, only for Nene's tail to suddenly remind them that the mobile game's release date.
  2. "Riding Along with the Joke" - Nene's tail started talking about himself and rambling about a lot of things, much to Kanami and Mihono's shock.
  3. "Government Official" - Kanami and Mihono talk about the perks of being a Toji, all while ignoring the concerns of Nene's tail about the release date of the mobile game.
  4. "Frame Out" - In a doubly fourth-wall-breaking scene, Mihono reads up on Kanami warming up to Mai Yanase and ends up pushing her through and out of frame.
  5. "I Tried to Frame Out" - With Kanami out on a trip, Mihono tries going out of frame, only to be called out by Kofuki Shichinosato about her screentime.
  6. "A Toji's Job" - Kanami talks about the duties of a Toji, and Mihono immediately makes a bad impression about Kofuki.
  7. "Differences in Understanding" - Mihono ends up explaining the origins of Okatana and Aradama to prove a point that an Aradama can be cute (and someone who beats them up like Kofuki is a bad person).
  8. "The Five Traditions" - Kanami brings the main cast of the anime and game to introduce the five schools that train Toji, The Five Traditions.
  9. "The Origami Family" - As Kofuki rampages for being given too little space in the previous chapter, Kanami continues by introducing the Origami Family and its elite guard.
  10. "Utsushi" - Kanami explains the mechanics behind the Toji ability Utsushi.
  11. "New Year" - Kanami and Mihono brings greetings for the new year, with the two girls more excited about the anime than Nene's tail's hype over the release of the game.
  12. "Anime on Air" - Mihono voices out her excitement for the anime, only for Kofuki to point out that she didn't have spoken lines in the anime.
  13. "Chii-nee" - Mihono introduces her childhood friend Chie Setouchi, only for Kanami to almost call her an old lady.
  14. "Kiyoka" - Kiyoka timidly introduces herself, and suddenly finds herself fawning over Mihono's FineMan cellphone strap.
  15. "Kofuki" - Mihono teasingly reveals the different sides of Kofuki's character.
  16. "Mirja" - On a similar note, Mirja Kitora's different aspects of her personality is shown, but Mirja didn't seem to mind the exaggerations.
  17. "How to Attack" - Mirja and Mihono explain the combat system of the TojiTomo game.
  18. "Support Members" - Mihono introduces the concept of Support Members, non-combatant units that aid fighting units in TojiTomo.
  19. "Dress-Up" - Mihono introduces readers to the costume change feature of TojiTomo.
  20. "Advertisement Program" - Kanami, Mihono, Chie and Kaoru end up doing non-Toji duties for the meantime for a certain "program". (This was voiced over by their respective voice actresses during the Toji no Miko mobile game livestream.)
  21. "Expedition" - Mirja, alongside Futaba Nagae and Emily Watanabe, introduce the Expedition feature of TojiTomo.