Toji no Miko Special Drama CD Volume 1 (特典ドラマCD① Tokuten Dorama CD①?) is the first volume of a special drama CD series released along with the Bluray and DVD releases of the Toji no Miko anime series.

The drama CD series acts as a supplement to the anime series, taking place in the middle of episodes of the anime.


Episode 0.5, "Before the Storm"

Kaoru: "The capital city of America is New York, right?"

Rather struggling to study, Kaoru mutters to herself, "please give me strength" and "I'll take this seriously starting tomorrow". Calling to Ellen for help, she reluctantly enters a study session the night before the dreaded exams...

Episode 2.5, "Pursuer's Intermission"

Maki: "D-Don't laugh at me like that, Suzuka"

The Origami Residence, the day when Hiyori attacked Yukari Origami. Suzuka, who saw Maki looking depressed, suddenly began talking about how it is weird for Maki to refer to herself in first person as "boku". This eventually turned into a round of banter between Maki and Suzuka. Then, Yomi and Yume showed up.

Episode 3.5, "Perhaps a Momentary Halt Amidst the Rapids"

Hiyori: "Don't just throw the trash anywhere! The stuff inside the beer cans are already enticing those black things around the mouth... such vigor!"

Upon Kanami's suggestion, she and Hiyori began cleaning Rui Onda's house where they are currently staying. Hiyori, with her ample experience in housework, handed out precise instructions, and they made the house sparkling clean. As they finish sweeping the floor, Kanami and Hiyori have somehow become a bit closer.

Episode 7.5, "Fierce Childish Endurance Showdown"

Yume: "You know, I think it's okay to be mad once in a while..."

Due to trivial reasons, a hot springs trip down a lodging house bath turned into an endurance showdown between Yomi and Yume. Maki acts as the referee, and Suzuka handles the faucet. The serious four-man match in the hot springs begins.

Episode 8.5, "Mai's Cookie Classroom"

Mai: "Being helpful or not isn't really important to us. Swords aside, we are friends, right?"

After losing to the senior Toji of Mokusa during practice, Sayaka, by herself, feels depressed. Mai, who was looking for Sayaka, asks her to join her in making some cookies. Sayaka is shocked, but...