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Expeditions (遠征 Ensei?) are activities that allow players to send out Support Members on missions that bring them to various regions of Japan. Each Expedition can last between three and nine hours, and requires up to four unused Support Members each.

Each region requires a certain amount of a Support Member's parameters to increase an Expedition's success rate. Organizing an Expedition Party with Support Members from the same school also increases the chances that an Expedition would finish with Great Success.

Players start with only one slot for an Expedition Party. A second slot is unlocked at Rank 10, and a third slot is unlocked at Rank 30.

Successfully completing Expeditions gives the following rewards:

  • Lotus Flowers for Main Member strengthening
  • Aradama Nest Maps for access to Raid Quests
  • Recruitment Gacha Tickets (1★ and 2★ Support Member and 3★ Nene draws)
  • Ougi Scrolls for leveling up Ougi
  • Materials for restoring Okatana (Purifying Flame, Exorcising Water and Whetstones)
  • Experience for each participating Support Members (For every 3 hours in an Expedition: 200 for Success, 400 for Great Success)

After launching an Expedition, it can be immediately cleared for 100 Gems.

Expedition Spots

Region Recommended Stat Duration
Hokkaido Heart 9 hours
Tohoku Heart 6 hours
Kanto Heart 3 hours
Chubu Technique 3 hours
Kinki Body 3 hours
Chugoku Technique 6 hours
Shikoku Body 6 hours
Kyushu Technique 9 hours
Okinawa Body 9 hours