One of the main features of Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi is combat, primarily the usage of Main Members and Support Members in defeating Aradama in PvE and the Main Members of other players in PvP. The game's combat system relies on several key mechanics that players must be informed of to maximize the capabilities of one's units.

Combat Interface

Gameplay ui

The typical user interface during combat.

TojiTomo primarily uses elements of turn-based strategy in its combat. An encounter always begins with the player's turn.

Top Left

  • Flee button - Tapping this button will send back the player to the previous menu. All battle progress and stamina used will be lost.
  • Wave indicator - This shows the amount of waves (or individual enemy encounters) cleared and the total amount of waves that need to be cleared to accomplish a map.
  • Chest indicators - Shows the amount of Gold and Silver Chests obtained from enemy mob kills.
  • Auto Combat button - Can be tapped to toggle Auto Combat. When Auto Combat is turned on, Main Members will automatically designate and attack enemies.


  • Main Members - Shows the Main Members deployed by the player. Information includes the member's portrait, HP, attribute, Ougi gauge, designated formation position, any active status effects and any commands to be accomplished. The currently selected Main Member will have a large arrow on the left side of its portrait. Long-pressing a Main Member portrait opens a window showing the Main Member's skills and any status effects it received.
  • Normal Attack button - Tapping this button will assign the currently selected Main Member to perform a Normal Attack on a selected enemy.
  • Chain Attack buttons - Any Main Members that were assigned to perform Normal Attacks will have additional buttons with their portraits appear next to the Normal Attack button. Tapping on one of these buttons with a Main Member selected assigns both the selected member and the member corresponding to the portrait to perform a Chain Attack. The latter is considered to be the "initiator", whose Chain Attack-related skills will activate on the player's turn.
  • Ougi button - Players can tap the Ougi button (colored orange) to use the Ougi of a selected Main Member if it has a filled Ougi gauge.

Lower Left

  • Support Members - Shows three Support Members that can be used in the current turn. Information includes the member's portrait, SP cost, and effect type. Any Support Member that can be used will glow with a green outline. Only these three Support Members can be used in a turn.
  • Support Points - The player's current amount of Support Points.
  • Next Support Member - Shows the next Support Member that can be used after one or more available Support Members have been used.


  • Enemy Mobs - The enemies in the current wave. Information includes the appearance of the enemy, its attribute, HP, target indicators, and Skill Count (number of turns before enemies activate their Ougi or counterpart, in purple numbers).

Combat Commands

Each Main Member can only follow one of three commands once each turn per Main Member.

  • Normal Attack (攻撃?): A selected Main Member attacks a single targeted unit.
  • Chain Attack (連携?): Up to three other Main Members can attack a unit already selected as a target by an initiating Main Member. The damage dealt by each Main Member during a Chain attack is, by default, boosted by 20%, and can trigger Chain Attack effects of the initiating Main Member.
  • Ougi (奥義? lit., "Secret Technique") If a Main Member's Ougi Gauge is filled, that unit can perform its most powerful skill called a Secret Technique. Take note that performing an Ougi does not count as a Normal Attack, and Ougi cannot be performed during a Chain Attack.

Aside from this, players can assist the Main Members by using up to three Support Members, as long as there is enough Support Points (SP) for it.

In PvE, Aradama units can take actions ahead of a player's Main Members based on each unit's Agility stat. (As a point of reference, Kofuki Shichinosato is known as a high-Agility Main member.) Increasing one's Agility through equipment or careful selection of which units to group together for a Chain Attack is crucial.


  • When disconnected in the middle of an encounter, the game can resume the progress of battle at the last turn to be made by the player. However, any items consumed or lost during disconnection cannot be reimbursed.

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