Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi
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Main Menu

Main menu

The main menu.

  • Rank - The level of a player. Performing certain tasks can give experience points, and obtaining a certain amount of experience points can raise a player's rank by 1.


  • Gold - The basic game currency.
  • Stamina - A resource that is consumed when using certain combat features like quests. Players start at 10 maximum Stamina, and each level increases maximum Stamina by 1. Stamina regenerates over time.
  • Rainbow Tamahagane or Gems - The game's premium currency, obtainable by completing main quests or purchasing them using money. Certain content, like cards in Gacha, can only be obtained by using Gems.

Feature Menu

  • Chat (トーク)
  • Expedition (遠征)
  • Friends (フレンド)
  • Information (お知らせ)
  • Gifts (プレゼント)
  • Missions (ミッシオン)
  • Organization/Strengthening (編成・強化) - Opens the menu for organizing parties, viewing individual units, and changing unit appearances using costumes.
  • Okatana/Exchange (御刀・交換)
  • Recruiting Gacha (召集ガチャ) - Opens the menu for using the Recruiting Gacha system.
  • Shop (ショップ)
  • Tournament (演武大会)
  • Quests (クエスト)
  • Any active events

Organization/Strengthening Menu

Organization strengthening menu

The Unit Organization/Strengthening menu.

Unit Stats

  • Card name
  • Level
  • Base-Up Indicator
  • Combat Power (戦闘力) - A numerical representation of the total values of a unit's stats.
  • Type (タイプ) - Denotes the classification of a certain unit.
  • HP (生命) - The amount of maximum hit points of a member.
  • Attack (攻勢) - Increases the amount of damage dealt against enemy units.
  • Defense (守勢) - Lowers the amount of damage received from enemy attacks and skills.
  • Endurance (身体)
  • Spirit (精神)
  • Agility (敏速) - Affects how quickly a member performs an attack.
  • Concentration (集中)
  • Evasion (回避) - Increases the likelihood of avoiding an enemy attack.
  • Critical (致命) - Affects the chance to deal critical damage to a target.
  • Drain (吸収)

Party Organization (部隊編成)

Main Units can be assigned on the Frontline (前列) or Backline (後列), and one member must be designated as a Party Leader. A Unit uses an additional ability called the Party Leader Skill if it is designated as a Party Leader. Units may have additional boosts to their stats based on whether they are placed on Frontline or Backline.

  • Mihono's Party Leader Skill is Essence of Ougi: Purify (奥義の真髄・清), which boosts the damage of Slicing-Attribute Ougi by 20%.
  • Kaoru's Party Leader Skill is Essence of Ougi: Tune (奥義の真髄・調), which boosts the damage of Breaking-Attribute Ougi by 14%.
  • Kanami's Party Leader Skill is Life-Saving Sword: Purify (活人剣・清), which boosts the Evasion of Slicing-Attribute friendly units by 22%.

Member List (メンバー一覧)

Member Strengthening (メンバー強化)

Costumes (着替え)

Quest Menu

Quest menu

The Quest menu.

  • Main Story (メインストーリー)
  • Character Quest (刀使のエピソード)
  • Raid Quest (大荒魂討伐戦)
  • Special Quest (定期任務)
  • Event Quest