Attributes (属性 Zokusei?) are the properties carried by a specific member or Aradama unit.

There are three attributes:

  • IconAttributeSlash Slice/Slash (斬), denoted in red
  • IconAttributeStab Thrust/Stab (突), denoted in green
  • IconAttributeBreak Break (壊), denoted in blue

Members and Aradama of a specific attribute deal damage corresponding to that attribute; Aradama also, most of the time, appear with the same color as their designated attribute. These attributes interact with each other like rock-paper-scissors; Slash damage is strong against Stab units, Stab damage is strong against Breaking units, and Breaking damage is strong against Slicing units. The inverse, on the other hand, represents weakness. Units of a certain attribute deals 180% base damage on units it is strong against, and deal 50% base damage on units it is weak against.

There are also instances where enemies have IconAttributeNone no attribute. In this case, they receive 100% damage from all attributes and deal 100% damage on all attributes.

Certain Main Member abilities, Ougi, and Support Member abilities can boost the damage of a specific attribute. Knowing this interaction between attributes is crucial to maximize one's damage in combat situations.

Players can determine the amount of enemies of a particular attribute, as well as other information on a map, by tapping on the small Details (詳細) button beside the stamina requirement.

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