Suzuka Konohana (此花 寿々花 Konohana Suzuka?) is the second-seat member of the Origami Family Elite Guard and an alumna of Ayanokouji Martial Arts School.


She is a beautiful young girl with an appearance fitting her background as noble girl of an aristocratic family, medium-length dark red hair ties into a large ponytail, bluish puple eyes. She often seen with Elite Guard's uniform with a short skirt version. She also wear a red tight mix with dark red line, and brown ankle-high boots.


She display elegant manner, keeping her composure in almost any situaltion she face. Despite this, she quite work up when people doesn't give her "proper" attention. She is quite loyal to Origami Yukari. And also a capable leader.


She is the daughter of the aristocratic Konohana Family of Kyoto. She joined Ayanokouji Martial Arts School, achieved the feat of becoming the runner-up in two consecutive kenjutsu tournaments and being admitted into Origami Family's Elite Guard and obtain the Second Seat before present. She start seeing Maki Shidou as a rival in some aspects as the one who had snatched victory from her twice.


She is seen along with her fellow Elite Guard after Origami Yukari "meditate" in Origami shrine and go out. She were assigned to oversee the progress of the National Swordsmanship Tournament along with Maki Shidou and Yume Tsubakuro.

Combat Abilities

Master Swordsmanship: Suzuka is extremely skilled in kenjutsu, allow her to become two time runner-up of National Swordsmanship Tournament consecutively, and earning the Second Seat of Origami Family's Elite Guard.

  • Swordsmanship Style: Kurama-Ryu (鞍馬流?) - A style involves watching the movements of the sword's shinogi (ridges of the blade) and the wrist and, through practice, can twist down an opponent's sword through the technique called as "sidestepping". Upon stopping the blade, the opponent is left at a powerless state, opening the chance for a follow-up thrust for a certain kill attack.

Expert Tactician: Suzuka possesses sharp senses and strong leadership skills, and is often assigned as the strategist at the battlefield, as well as performing political duties alongside Yukari Origami.


Okatana: Kujikanesada (九字兼定?) - A sword made by master craftsman Nidaime Kanesada, a swordsmith that rivals Magoroku Kanemoto. Engraved on this sword's tang are nine characters (臨兵闘者皆陣烈在前, Rin-pyou-tou-sha-kai-shin-retsu-sai-zen) that can purify evil.


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