Status effects are any change to a Main Member's current status caused by interacting with itself (through self-activated skills), an ally member or an enemy unit in combat. There are two general types of status effects: positive status effects (aka "buffs"), that boost a member's capabilities in combat, and negative status effects (aka status ailments or "debuffs") that weaken an affected member and hamper its ability to fight efficiently.

Positive Status Effects


IconSkillBuffTaunt Taunt (挑発) adds a chance to cause enemies to prioritize members with this effect when attacking.


IconSkillBuffGuts Guts (根性) prevents the member from being downed after receiving lethal damage (aka damage that would lower the member's HP to 0). Instead, the member restores Utsushi and regains HP by a small amount. Guts can only occur once per battle, and does not protect the member from damage taken from Poison and Bleeding.

Sure Hit

IconSkillBuffSureHit Sure Hit (必中) gives a 100% accuracy rate on all attacks, and disregards Blind and enemy Absolute Evasion effects.

Absolute Evasion

Absolute Evasion (絶対回避) allows members with this effect to dodge enemy Normal Attacks, Chain Attacks and Ougi without fail. They will still take damage from members with the Sure Hit effect.

Damage Cut

IconSkillBuffDamageCut Damage Cut (ダメージカット) creates a "shield" that completely mitigates a certain amount of damage to be received by a member. Any damage taken beyond the Damage Cut threshold removes the effect and is received normally.

Damage Cut Penetration

Damage Cut Penetration (ダメージカット貫通) causes a member's attacks to ignore an enemy's Damage Cut effect. Any damage dealt with Damage Cut Penetration does not deplete the damage threshold given by the effect.


IconSkillBuffInvincible Invincible (無敵) members do not take damage from ALL sources, including Normal Attacks, Chain Attacks, Ougi and the Poison and Bleeding effects. However, it does not remove any active negative status effects on its own.

Invincible Penetration

Invincible Penetration (無敵貫通) causes a member's Normal Attacks, Chain Attacks and Ougi to ignore an enemy's Invincible effect. This, however, does not affect damage caused by Poison and Bleeding.

Automatic Revive

IconSkillAutoRevive Automatic Revive (自動復活) recovers a member's Utsushi and a small amount of HP upon receiving lethal damage.


IconSkillHealRegen Regeneration (毎ターン回復) allows members to gradually restore Utsushi and recover HP little by little every turn.

Negative Status Effects

Note: Negative Status Effects CAN be applied even if an enemy has dealt the minimum amount of damage possible.


IconSkillDebuffPoison Poison (毒) deals a fixed amount of damage to an affected member upon receiving the effect and at the end of every subsequent turn.


IconSkillDebuffBleeding Bleeding (出血) deals an amount of damage based on a percentage of the affected member's maximum HP at the end of each turn.


IconSkillDebuffParalyze Paralyze (麻痺) prohibits the affected member from performing Normal Attacks, Chain Attacks or Ougi. Using the aid of Support Members can still be used normally.


IconSkillDebuffBlind Blind (暗闇) lowers the affected member's accuracy rate when performing Normal Attacks and Chain Attacks, causing them to miss at a higher chance than normal.

Ougi Seal

IconSkillDebuffOugiSeal Ougi Seal (奥義封印) prevents the affected member from performing its Ougi. Normal Attacks and Chain Attacks can be performed regardless.

Chain Attack Seal

IconSkillDebuffChainSeal Chain Attack Seal (連携封印) prevents the affected member from initiating or joining a Chain Attack. Normal Attacks and Ougi can be performed regardless.

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