Spectrum Finder or Spectrum Sensor is a sensor incorporated in a smart phone device, developed and released exclusively for active Toji by the Special Sword Administration Bureau and the Origami Family based on Noro research technology. It can be used for finding the presence of Aradama, has GPS to locate it and report it location
Spectrum Finder
to the Special Sword Administration Bureau. However according to Richard Friedman it is programmed to not only detect Aradama but also detect the presence of the nearby okatana, in turn locate the whereabout of nearby active Toji those still possessing okatana. Also it is programmed to not detect the presence of Aradama use by Origami Family.

Analog Spectrum Meter is a special traditional compass that detects the presence of nearby Aradama through the direct reaction of Noro itself that is in the middle of the compass. Because of that, it can detect any nearby
Analog Spectrum Meter
hostile Aradama, even the Aradama use by Origami Family. It has been banned from use by Origami Family.