Spectrum Finder or Spectrum Sensor is a Sensor incorporate in a smart phone device, develop and release exclusively to active Toji by Special Sword Administration Bureau and Origami Family base on Noro research techonology. It can be used for both contract and findding the presense of Aradama, it also have GPS to locate it
Spectrum Finder
own user to the Special Sword Administration Bureau. However according to Richard Friedman it is program to not detect Aradama use by Elite Guard and Origami Family, and detect the presense of the nearby o-katana.

Analog Spectrum Meter is a special traditional compass that detect the presense of nearby Aradama by the direct reaction of Noro itself that place in the middle of the compass. Becaus of that it can detect any nearby
Analog Spectrum Meter
hostile Aradama. It have been banned from use by Origami Family.