S-Equipment (S装備 Esu-Soubi?), officially called Storm Armor, is a set of specialized equipment used by Toji mainly for anti-Aradama operations. They are designed to give the Toji a limited massive boost in offensive and defensive capabilities that enables a quick takedown of any Aradama threats.

S-Equipment takes the form of several pieces of armor that consists of full metal armor on the arms and legs, a small chest armor plate and a visor where the Toji can access various information. The equipment is usually flown to the battlefield using an unmanned aircraft, and the equipment itself can only exist as a gauntlet on the right hand or the whole suit of armor itself. Upon activating the equipment in the deployment pods, the S-Equipment manifests on the user's body as a harmless orange fire that forms into each part of the armor. Full deployment takes 5 seconds to complete. Its time limit is 30 minutes even with spare battery and will lose its tangible form when the time limit is reached.

The equipment was first developed by an American researcher named Richard Friedman under the cooperation of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with the intent of utilizing noro in defense applications. After the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, development of the S-Equipment was accelerated by the massive supplies of noro in the possession of the Origami family, who has since assumed control of the usage of the equipment. Further development was performed by Kimitaka Kohagura and Richard's daughter, Jacqueline Anne Kohagura née Friedman.[1]. Yahata Electronics is one known electronics company that is currently working on the development of S-Equipment.[2].

Toji that wear S-Equipment are capable of taking down massive Aradama single-handedly,[3] and even experienced Toji would refuse to fight an S-Equipment user even with the use of Utsushi.


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