Rika Subara (Shrine Maiden's Duty)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolMinoseki
Voiced by: ???
Stats at Level 1
IconStatsHeart Heart 80
IconStatsTechnique Technique 144
IconStatsBody Body 40
Support Skill
IconSkillDebuffBlind Dance of God's Authority - Zenith
SP Cost: 65
At Level 1:
  • Inflicts Blind (18% accuracy deduction) on all enemies for 3 turns at 35% chance, and Poison (3 damage per turn) on all enemies for 3 turns at 30% chance
  • Revives an ally downed Mihono Asakura member with 5% of its maximum HP

Obtained from

  • Regular Recruitment Gacha


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Rika Subara (須原 里香 Subara Rika?) is a 13-year-old second year middle school student of Minoseki Academy currently undergoing specialized courses in Shinto priesthood. She knew that a childhood friend of hers, a Shinto priest's son who performs the duties of moving noro from one shrine to the other, took entrance examinations for middle school and, wanting to enroll with him in the same school at the same course, obviously took the challenge of entering Minoseki. She excels in academics. On the other hand, she is still getting used to the environment of the campus amid horror stories of Minoseki Academy being a place where "slashing and being slashed" is commonplace.