Renpu emblem
Renpu Girls' School (鎌府女学院, Renpu Jogakuin) is one of the five schools consisting The Five Traditions, located in Kanagawa prefecture. Renpu responds to Aradama threats that occur in the Kanto region and parts of Eastern Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean side. Both the Special Sword Administration Bureau's headquarters and the Origami family is located within the jurisdiction of Renpu, allowing the two institutions to coordinate together. Because of their responsibilities in the Tokyo area which has seen a rise in incident frequency, both equipment and more of Renpu's students are deployed recently.

The school is led by President Yukina Takatsu.


Students of Renpu Girl's School wear a uniform that has elements of both the traditional seifuku and the Western-style school uniform. The uniform consists of a plain white dress shirt, a yellow necktie, a beige long-sleeved blazer with a purple sailor-style collar, and a short purple pleated skirt. A pair of small silver tassels can be found on either side of the skirt.

Students and Teaching Staff


Middle School Students

High School Students


  • Yomi Satsuki (alumna, former Origami Family's Elite Guard)


  • The name "Renpu" originated from an old name of Kamakura City, which is an abbreviation of the Kamakura Shogunate (鎌倉幕府).