Parameters are numerical representations of a member's combat abilities. Main Members have up to ten parameters available, while Support Members have three.

Main Member Parameters

Main parameters are leveled up through a status tree in the members menu using Lotus Flowers. A main member's level is the total levels of their Main Parameters in their status tree.

Sub-Parameters cannot be leveled up, and are only affected by equipment equipped to the main member, or Leader Skills that raise a specific parameter.

A Main Member's Parameters can contribute to an overall value called Combat Power. The total Combat Power of all units in a party can be measured against the Combat Power of enemy units to estimate the difficulty of a desired enemy encounter. Combat Power takes Equipment into account, but not Attributes and member skills.

Main Parameters

  • IconStatsVitality Vitality (生命) - Increases MAX HP
  • IconStatsOffense Offense (攻勢) - Increases Normal Attack and Chain Attack damage by 1 for every 2 points of Offense (60% of total attack value)
  • IconStatsPhysique Physique (身体) - Slightly increases Normal Attack and Chain Attack damage by 1 for every 8 points of Physique (40% of total attack value) and lowers damage received from attacks and skills by the same value
  • IconStatsDefense Defense (守勢) - Lowers damage received from attacks and skills. Main Members receive 1 less damage for every 4 points of Defense.
  • IconStatsSpirit Spirit (精神) - Increases a value called Power (威力) which directly affects damage dealt by Ougi to enemies (1 Power = 1% of Spirit converted into damage). Spirit works differently for healing effects, with 10% of the Main Member's Spirit, rounded down, added to the base healing value of the Ougi, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Spirit also boosts the effects of a member's positive status effects and strengthening effects, and lowers the Ougi Damage received from enemy Ougi and skills.


  • IconStatsAgility Agility (敏捷) - Related to Attacking sequence; higher-Agility members attack first.
  • IconStatsConcentration Concentration (集中) - Concentration value of Main Members affect the charge amount of Support Points gained every turn; every 20 points of Concentration adds 1 SP charge.
  • IconStatsEvasion Evasion (回避) - Affects the chance for a member to evade and receive no damage from an enemy attack. (Evaded attacks do not inflict any negative status effects.)
  • IconStatsCritical Critical (致命) - Increases a member's chance to deal critical damage from Normal and Chain Attacks by 1% for every point of Critical. Effects that add Critical values, flat or percentile, are additive, NOT multiplicative. Critical damage adds Neutral-attribute damage equivalent to 150% of base damage to an attack.
  • IconStatsDrain Drain (吸収) - Causes a member's Normal and Chain Attacks to recover HP equivalent to 1% of the damage it dealt for every point of Drain.

Support Member Parameters

  • Heart
  • Technique
  • Body
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