Osafune emblem
Osafune Girls' Academy (長船女学園, Osafune Jogakuen) is one of the schools affiliated with The Five Traditions, located in Okayama prefecture. The school responds to Aradama incidents in the Chugoku region, Kyushu and Okinawa. Within Osafune's jurisdiction is the organization on developing the latest technology, making it active in assisting other schools through the use and testing of experimental equipment.

The school is led by Academy President Sana Maniwa.


Students of Osafune Girls' Academy wear a predominantly Western-style uniform. It consists of a white dress shirt with an orange double-breasted midriff, a brown bowtie, an orange-and-yellow open vest with a long collar, and a brown pleated skirt. The midriff portion can be held in place by a strap under the bust for a more snug fit.

Students and Teaching Staff


Middle School Students

High School Students


  • The name of Osafune Girls' Academy originated from Osafune school of swordsmiths, which flourished in the town of Osafune in Okayama Prefecture. Osafune Town was later merged with two other towns to create the city of Setouchi.