Origami family emblem
The Origami Family (折神家, Origami-ke) is a family entrusted with the management of Noro produced in the creation of okatana. The family's role traces back to the ancient times where they served a similar role in the Imperial Court, and continues to the present time, where the current head of the family also acts as the chief of the National Police Agency Special Sword Administration Bureau. All of the current top-ranking Toji serve managing roles in Toji training institutions, also called The Five Traditions.

Members and Affiliates

Elite Guard

Elite guards and yukari

From left to right: Suzuka Konohana, Yomi Satsuki, Yukari Origami, Yume Tsubakuro, Maki Shidou.

Consisting of selected top-ranking Toji in the present times, the Elite Guard (折神家親衛隊 Origami-ke Shin'eitai?, lit., "Elite Guard of the Origami Family") serves the primary role of enacting orders from and assisting in the duties of the head of the Origami Family, as well as acting as the protectors of the family head. Members of the Elite Guard no longer wear the uniform of their respective almae matres. Instead, they wear a brown military-style uniform consisting of a white pinstripe dress shirt, a brown double-breasted suit with short sleeves and light brown trim, and a pleated skirt.