Okatana (御刀, lit., "honorable swords") are Japanese swords manufactured from refined tamahagane (珠鋼, different kanji from 玉鋼), a rare metal with divine properties. Various powers can be drawn out from these swords by invoking a different dimension known as the Netherworld (隠世 Inyo?), a feat that no one aside from Toji can perform. Okatana also serve as the only weapons capable of defeating Aradama.

Since okatana are used by young women, these swords tend to be customized by their owners by buying certain kinds of mountings (koshirae) like custom scabbard (saya) designs and attachments. Among notable merchandise associated with okatana are FineMan, a character based on a cat with a sword on its back, and Ichigo Daifuku Neko (イチゴ大福ネコ? lit., "strawberry daifuku cat"), a cat that resembles a strawberry daifuku.