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Minoseki Academy (美濃関学院, Minoseki Gakuin) is one of the schools affiliated to The Five Traditions, located in the Gifu prefecture. Their jurisdiction covers the whole Chubu region and the Sea of Japan side of Eastern Japan. This school has a positive interaction with the four other schools under the Five Traditions.

The school is led by Academy President Ema Hashima.


Students of Minoseki Academy wear a uniform with a white-and-red color scheme and a design with elements of the seifuku and the double-breasted military coat. The uniform consists of a white long-sleeved blazer with a red seifuku-style collar, a white inner blouse with a high-round collar, and a short red pleated skirt with a small slit on each side. Details include a yellow ribbon and tassels on the back portion of the collar.


Minoseki Academy opened its tournament that would determine the school's representatives for the customary inter-school tournament for the five schools under The Five Traditions. During this tournament, Mihono Asakura lost to Kanami Etou during the preliminaries and Kanami would later fight against Mai Yanase at the decisive match. After Kanami's victory against Mai, the two participants in the decisive match would be assigned as the representatives of Minoseki Academy for the inter-school tournament.[1]

In the Origami Family estate in Kamakura, the representatives of Minoseki Academy dominated the tournament, with Kanami ultimately eliminating schoolmate Mai from the tournament, while Heijou Institute's Hiyori Juujou climbed up the brackets to the decisive match. The same day, Kanami and Hiyori would face each other on the decisive match, which was watched by the head of the Origami family, Yukari Origami. However, at the start of the match, Hiyori would attempt an attack on Yukari and Kanami inadvertently allowed Hiyori to escape the venue with her.[1]

With students from Minoseki involved in the attack on Yukari Origami, the Special Sword Administration initiated a search on Kanami and Hiyori, now branded as fugitives, while the rest of the participants and student spectators were held within the Origami estate. President Ema Hashima was asked of her presence in the headquarters and claimed no awareness of Kanami's actions. Mai also was cleared of suspicions.[2] However, in spite of this President Hashima has secretly asked the help of an acquaintance, Minoseki alumna and retired Toji Rui Onda, to ensure the safety of Kanami and Hiyori.[3]

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  • Minoseki Academy's name originated from the Minoseki school of swordsmiths, which flourished during the 1500s.


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