Minato Etou (衛藤 美奈都 Etou Minato?), born Minato Fujiwara (藤原 美奈都 Fujiwara Minato?) was a former Toji and student of Renpu Girls' School. She was an active Toji during the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, however, much about her career as a Toji was put aside when her official records were removed due to unknown reasons. Regardless, she was able to build a family and had two children, one of which would eventually follow her footsteps as a Toji.


She is a woman with spiky purple hair ties into ponytail, brown eyes which inherited by her daughter. She wear an old Renpu Girls' Academy uniform when she was still an active Toji.

She ties her ponytail smaller when she became a mother, and let her hair loose before she pass away.


She possesses the same personality's trait like her daughter: cheerful, straight forward, optimistic and is a kenjutsu enthusiast. But she is a kind-hearted, brave, and quite smart when in battle.


Not much about her background, aside from she joined Renpu Girls' School and became a Toji.

She along with her friends at Renpu Girls' School participate in the battle against the Great Aradama appear at Sagami Bay 20 years ago. She goes against the order, so instead of retreating, she goes further to assist Yukari Origami and Kagari Juujou (Kagari Hiiragi at that time) reaching to main body of the Great Aradama to perform "the calming ritual". Not much about what was happened, aside from the Great Aradama is being vanquished, Minato is injured along with Kagari. Afterward she retired from Toji duty, married, became a housewife and gave birth to a daughter and a son, she also became her daughter first kenjutsu instructor. She finally passed away in 2011.


While she is already dead, it is revealed that she stopped Kagari from sacrifice her life to drag the Great Aradama down to the netherworld, resulting she lost her Toji's power, shortening her life as well. She being unofficial dismissed from Toji affair, every record of her time as a Toji being destroyed.

A part of her who only have her memories until 17 years old appear to Kanami every time when Kanami dream.

Combat Abilities

Not much about her strength but she being noted by her comrade that she is very strong as a Toji, even greater than Yukari Origami.

Master Swordsmanship: As the first kenjutsu instructor of Kanami Etou, she is extremely skilled in kenjutsu.

Immense Strength: She is very strong, capable of killing a huge Aradama with a single strike.

Immense Stamina: According to Episode 8, she possesses a huge amount of stamina, capable of fighting Aradama for many hours.

Immense Speed: Not much is known about her speed, but she is capable of intercepting Kagari who accerelate Jin'i her to infinite speed.

Utsushi Proficiency: She, like any top-class Toji, is capable of maintaining Utsushi for a very long time.


Okatana: Chidori (千鳥?) - Kanami's Okatana is called Chidori, a rather short blade with a pronounced backward curve. The tsuba has a notched-in square shape (sumi iri kaku gata) with pink outlines, and the hilt is wrapped in white samekawa. When swung, the tip of the sword leaves a white trail as if the path of the blade is heated.[1]She is the former user of the blade, when her daughter became Toji it choose her daughter as it new wielder.


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