Mai Yanase (Pastry Chef)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolMinoseki Attribute: IconAttributeStab
Voiced by: Azumi Waki
Stats (Level 1 - Level 80)
Combat Power 663 - 4719 Type Defensive
IconStatsVitality Vitality 220 - 2170 IconStatsAgility Agility 75
IconStatsOffense Offense 130 - 982 IconStatsConcentration Concentration 50
IconStatsDefense Defense 150 - 1069 IconStatsEvasion Evasion 0
IconStatsPhysique Physique 110 - 903 IconStatsCritical Critical 0
IconStatsSpirit Spirit 82 - 989 IconStatsDrain Drain 0
Leader Skill
IconSkillBuffAttributeDefense Essence of Defense - Tune
Lowers damage received by Stab-attribute members by 18%
IconSkillOugi Kiriotoshi
Cooldown: 4 turns
• Deals 200 damage to all enemies

• Taunts enemies at a 100% chance for 2 turns and increases user's Defense by 408

IconSkillChainAttribute Chain Arts Modification
When initiating a Chain Attack, changes the attack attribute of all participating members into Stab-attribute

Obtained from

  • A Sweet Moment☆Pastry Chef Pick-up Gacha Part 1


See also: Mai Yanase

Mai Yanase (柳瀬舞衣 Yanase Mai?) is a 13-year-old middle school student from Minoseki Academy. Her okatana is Magoroku Kanemoto (孫六兼元?). She stands as the poster girl of the emerging company Yanase Group, and has two younger sisters. She possesses an older-sister like tendency to take care of others. Mai possesses great skill at school, and she is a hardworking person who never hesitates in the face of hardships. She makes confectioneries as a hobby, and is particularly proud about the cookies she makes.