Kofuki Shichinosato (Pastry Chef)
Rarity: IconRarity3 School: IconSchoolRenpu Attribute: IconAttributeStab
Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi
Stats at Level 80 (MLB)
Combat Power 2100 Type: Strong Attack
IconStatsVitality Vitality 1135 IconStatsAgility Agility 60
IconStatsOffense Offense 520 IconStatsConcentration Concentration 40
IconStatsDefense Defense 347 IconStatsEvasion Evasion 0
IconStatsPhysique Physique 377 IconStatsCritical Critical 0
IconStatsSpirit Spirit 413 IconStatsDrain Drain 0
Leader Skill
IconSkillBuffDamage Essence of Swordfighting - Tune
Increases Attack Damage of Stab-attribute members by 14%
IconSkillOugi Butcherbird - Tune
Cooldown: 4 turns
At Level 5:
  • Deals 200 Power as damage to all enemies.
IconSkillEmpty No skill

Obtained from


  • Pastry Chef Costume (Kofuki Shichinosato)


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Kofuki Shichinosato (七之里呼吹 Shichinosato Kofuki?) is a third-year middle school student of Renpu Girls' School. Her okatana are Chutan Nakiri and Niou Kiyotsuna. Kofuki is a girl with a straightforward manner of speaking and a tendency to move according to what she wants. She likes to exterminate Aradama, and takes delight in the act itself. She stands in the top of the class when it comes to battle ability against Aradama, but tends to move on her own and is thus inexperienced at group tactics.