Kiyoka Musumi (Pastry Chef)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolHeijou Attribute: IconAttributeStab
Voiced by: Saki Fujita
Stats at Level 80 (MLB)
Combat Power 4709 Type: Support
IconStatsVitality Vitality 2130 IconStatsAgility Agility 85
IconStatsOffense Offense 942 IconStatsConcentration Concentration 50
IconStatsDefense Defense 1029 IconStatsEvasion Evasion 0
IconStatsPhysique Physique 962 IconStatsCritical Critical 0
IconStatsSpirit Spirit 1002 IconStatsDrain Drain 0
Leader Skill
IconSkillMaxHPBoost Utsushi (Strengthening) - Tune
Increases the maximum HP of Stab-attribute ally members by 20%
IconSkillHeal Healing Dance
Cooldown: 5 turns
At Level 5:
  • Heals all ally members for 1400 HP, removes all negative status effects from them and increases their Defense by 336 for 2 turns
IconSkillAutoRevive Utsushi (Redeveloped)
While in combat, a one-time Auto-Revive is available

Obtained from

  • A Sweet Moment☆Pastry Chef Pick-up Gacha Part 2 (2018-03-26)


  • Chef's Outfit (Kiyoka Musumi)


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