Kanami Etou (Shrine Maiden's Duty)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolMinoseki Attribute: IconAttributeSlash
Voiced by: Kaede Hondo
Stats at Level 80 (MLB)
Combat Power 4716 Type: Defensive
IconStatsVitality Vitality 2170 IconStatsAgility Agility 80
IconStatsOffense Offense 982 IconStatsConcentration Concentration 50
IconStatsDefense Defense 1069 IconStatsEvasion Evasion 0
IconStatsPhysique Physique 962 IconStatsCritical Critical 0
IconStatsSpirit Spirit 922 IconStatsDrain Drain 0
Leader Skill
IconSkillBuffEvasion Life-Saving Sword - Purify
Increases the Evasion of all ally Slash-attribute members by 22%
IconSkillOugi Tai'a Sword
Cooldown: 3 turns
At Level 5:
  • Deals 200 Power as damage to all enemies
  • For 2 turns, Taunts enemies at a 100% chance and increases the user's Evasion by 70%
IconSkillChainAttribute Chain Arts Modification
When initiating a Chain Attack, changes the attack attribute of all participating members into Slash-attribute

Obtained from

  • Member Recruitment
  • Slash-Attribute Pick-up Gacha


  • Shrine Maiden Attire (Kanami Etou)


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