Kagari Juujou (十条 篝 Juujou Kagari?), born Kagari Hiiragi (柊 篝 Hiiragi Kagari?) was a former Toji affiliated with the Special Ritual Riot Squad who fought during the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay.


Kagari is a woman with medium-length dark green hair and burgundy eyes which inherited by her daughter. She wore an old Renpu Girls' Academy's uniform before she retired.


She is a serious person who thinks highly of her duty. Even though she is annoyed with Minato behavior, she actually respects Minato Etou and cares for her well-being, enough to blame herself over her death.


Not much is known about her background before the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, aside from joining Renpu Girls' School and becoming a Toji.

She participated in the battle against the Great Aradama. After Yukina injured, she goes with Yukari Origami further to destroy the Great Aradama while the remaining Toji retreat. Not much is known about what happened during the ritual, but Minato and Kagari returned heavily injured after the event. Afterwards, she retired from Toji duty, got married, and had a daughter. Kagari became bedridden from a mysterious illness and passed away one year before the present.[2]


Kagari was a veteran of the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, a large-scale attack by an Aradama twenty years prior to the present time.

During the attack, Kagari attempted to seal the great Aradama using her Jin'i. Minato Etou chased after her. Due to their actions, Yukari Origami made a pact with Taigitsuhime in an attempt to save Kagari and Minato. This did not stop both their lives from being shortened by their use of Jin'i as well as losing most of their Toji powers.

After the disaster, Kagari was unofficially dismissed from Toji duty, all records of her time as Toji were removed. When Minato dies, she blames herself for her death. She becomes bedridden due to a disease some time after, and passed away a year prior to the start of the series.

According to a letter addressed to Kagari, the "Great Aradama", which was known to have been vanquished by Yukari Origami, survived the ordeal, and Kagari was considered as the only Toji with the ability to slay the great Aradama. Ultimately, Kagari was unable to defeat the great Aradama, and part of Kagari's power remained in Yukari Origami. After exhausting her powers as a Toji, Kagari's body deteriorated throughout the years. Her daughter, Hiyori Juujou, ended up caring for her ailing mother for the rest of her days, and eventually died one year before the present time.[2]

Combat Abilities

Not much about her fighting capability, but Osafune Girls' Academy President Sana Maniwa speak fondly of her abilities. Even Yukari Origami/Taigitsuhime praise her strength as a Toji.

Average Swordsmanship: Not thing about her kenjutsu skill, but it is safe to assume that she is average at using sword.

Immense Speed: According to President Sana Maniwa of Osafune Girls' Academy, she is extremely fast. Even capable of accelerating her Jin'i to utmost limit that thereotically making time stop but in exhange for her own life.

  • Fifth Layer Jin'i (五段階の迅移 Godankai no Jin'i?): A "suicidal" Jin'i technique that is passed down along members of the Hiiragi family. Instead of using this as a mobility technique, it is instead used as a sealing technique, as it can lock its target into the fifth layer of the netherworld, where time almost ceases to move.

Immense Stamina: She has shown to possesses great amount of stamina that according to the Episode 8, she fighting for a very long time.

Utsushi Proficiency: She, like any top-class Toji, is capable of maintaining Utsushi for a very long time.


Okatana: Kogarasumaru (小烏丸?) - Hiyori's sword which bears a distinct shape called "Kissaki Moro Ha Zukuri", which consists of two cutting blade edges. Legends say that this sword was given to the Ise Grand Shrine by a large crow that was sent to visit the shrine.[3]She is the former wielder of the blade, now it is currently wield by her daughter.


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