Jin'i (迅移, lit., "Swift Movement") is an offensive Toji technique. Using the okatana as an intermediary, the user moves at high speeds that deviate from normal time. The netherworld (院世, Kakuri-yo) is made up of multiple layers, with each one having flow of time faster than the previous one. Thus, the deeper one delves, the more effective their Jin'i becomes. Those with a lot of training can reach the deeper, faster layers.

As a named technique, individual Jin'i techniques are known for the furthest layer that can be reached when performing such a Jin'i, except in special cases.

There are currently three known Jin'i-based techniques:

  • Third Layer Jin'i (三段階の迅移 Sandankai no Jin'i?): A considerably high-level Jin'i that can be performed by experienced Toji. Hiyori Juujou is capable of performing this kind of Jin'i.
  • Fifth Layer Jin'i (五段階の迅移 Godankai no Jin'i?): A "suicidal" Jin'i technique that is passed down along members of the Hiiragi family. Instead of using this as a mobility technique, it is instead used as a sealing technique, as it can lock its target into the fifth layer of the netherworld, where time almost ceases to move. Kagari Juujou and her daughter Hiyori are among the very few users of this kind of Jin'i.
  • Infinite Phase Jin'i (無限の姿迅移 Mugen no Sugata Jin'i?): A unique type of Jin'i that works through a long-duration constant boost of speed instead of the instantaneous burst of speed of normal Jin'i. Sayaka Itomi is currently the only known user of this particular Jin'i.