Iroha Gojou (五條いろは Gojou Iroha?), born Iroha Yoshino (吉野いろは Yoshino Iroha?), is the current president of Heijou Institute.


Iroha is a woman with long black hair tied into a loose bun, green eyes and a face that's almost always at a relaxed smile. She adopts a traditional Japanese appearance, wearing a pale green kimono with a black obi and a purple haori where the crest of Heijou Institute is embroidered. 20 years ago she let her hair loose, and wearing an old Renpu Girls' School uniform. She also wear a green headband.


In spite of her current status, she is rather laid back and tends to use the honorific -chan on just about anyone, including her fellow school presidents or even on Yukari Origami herself.

She always calm in any situation she in, and can make good decision.


She joined Renpu Girls' School and became Toji at some point in the past.

Until 20 years ago, the Great Aradama appear causing disaster. She along with her friends participate in the battle against that Great Aradama. She then retreat along with her friend under the order of Yukari Origami because Yukina is injured. Only Yukari and Kagari go further to perform special technique to destroy the Great Aradama, and Minato who disobey order and go further to assist Yukari and Kagari. She safely retreated back with her friends. After the Great Aradama vanquish, and two years later she being appointed as a hero of the event and president position of Hejou Institute until now.


After news of the attack on Yukari Origami broke out, Iroha and her Minoseki counterpart Ema Hashima traveled by helicopter to the headquarters of the Special Sword Administration Bureau for some questions regarding the involvement of their students.[2] After clarifying their side on the issue, Iroha joined Ema and the president of Renpu Girls' School, Yukina Takatsu, in the ongoing search for Hiyori Juujou and Kanami Etou.[3]

Combat Abilities

As one of the six heroes who help vanquish the Great Aradama, she is strong when she was a Toji. Currently she is just a normal woman.


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