Hiyori Juujou (Shrine Maiden's Duty)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolHeijou Attribute: IconAttributeStab
Voiced by: Saori Oonishi
Stats (Level 1 - Level 80)
Combat Power 4736 Type Strong Attack
IconStatsVitality Vitality 2150 IconStatsAgility Agility 80
IconStatsOffense Offense 1171 IconStatsConcentration Concentration 45
IconStatsDefense Defense 863 IconStatsEvasion Evasion 0
IconStatsPhysique Physique 903 IconStatsCritical Critical 0
IconStatsSpirit Spirit 1029 IconStatsDrain Drain 0
Leader Skill
IconSkillEmpty Essence of Ougi - Purify
Increases Ougi damage of Stab-attribute members by 20%
IconSkillEmpty Ichi no Tachi
Cooldown: 4 turns
At Level 5: Deals 260 damage to a single enemy
IconSkillEmpty Essence of Cooperation
• When initiating a Chain Attack, adds a chance of increasing the damage of all participating members

• When participating in a Chain Attack, adds a chance of increasing the user's damage