Hiyori Juujou (十条 姫和 Jūjō Hiyori?) is a 14-year-old third-year middle school student of Heijou Institute. Her okatana is Kogarasumaru (小烏丸?).[1]

She is the only daughter of a veteran Toji who had failed to seal a powerful Aradama that caused widespread damage in the past. After her mother's death, Hiyori vowed to continue the duties of her departed mother by becoming a Toji herself and fulfilling the task that her mother was unable to accomplish.


Hiyori is a girl with long straight black hair, burgundy eyes and a fair complexion. As a Toji, she is often seen wearing the uniform of Heijou Institute, as well as black tights.


She has a serious, professional, cool and stoic personality, has a strong sense of duty and will do anything to achieve what she has decided to do. She refuses to give in to the influence of others and tends to hide her real feelings, therefore developing misunderstandings about those surrounding her.[1]

In stark contrast, she is well-versed in house chores, and can cook well. According to her, she learned how to cook while tending to her ailing mother.[2]


Hiyori originated from Nara prefecture, where she lives in a farmside home that also has the family dojo. Her mother, former Toji Kagari Juujou, passed away one year prior to the present time, and she has since carried a grudge against the Origami Family.[3] She enrolled in Heijou Institute on the same year of Maki Shidou's graduation and induction into the Origami Family Elite Guard.

Her father was a relative of the Hiiragi Family and was considered as an older brother character by Hiyori's mother Kagari. He became part of the Special Ritual Riot Squad, but was killed in action when Hiyori was still in elementary. This sparked her hate towards Aradama.[4]


Instigation Arc

After visiting her family home in Nara, Hiyori traveled with teammate Sanae Iwakura to Kamakura City to represent Heijou Institute in the National Swordsmanship Tournament. She dominated the tournament with her speed, defeating Ayanokouji's Hozumi Yamazaki and Osafune's Ellen Kohagura in one-on-one matches. Later that day, Hiyori would face Minoseki Academy's Kanami Etou in the tournament's decisive match. However, Hiyori did not show an interest in the decisive match; instead, she used the opportunity to engage the head of the Origami Family, Yukari Origami. Her attempt failed, putting her at the mercy of the Origami Family Elite Guard, before Kanami intervened, helping her escape, with both of them leaving the tournament venue before any pursuit can happen.[3]

Hiyori was baffled by Kanami's decision to aid her in escape, and she chose to part ways with her as she already had plans for if her attempt against Yukari would fail. However, she was unable to shake off Kanami's resolve. As Hiyori and Kanami would later spend the next few days together in hiding, and not even Kanami's classmate Mai Yanase was able to stop them from running away from the authorities.[5]

Minoseki Academy's president Ema Hashima assisted Hiyori and Kanami by allowing the two girls to stay in the apartment unit of Rui Onda, an acquaintance of Ema's. This stayover, however, was short-lived when the Special Sword Administration Bureau managed to track down the location of the two fugitive Toji. Sayaka Itomi, sent by the president of Renpu Girls' School, attacked Hiyori and Kanami, and it took a combined effort to bring down Sayaka and her "soulless sword".[2]

As the authorities started flocking to Rui's apartment unit, Hiyori and Kanami took the opportunity to follow the instructions given to them by a certain "FineMan" to head to Irozaki. After leaving Rui, the two fugitive Toji made their way to Ebisu. Upon arriving there, Hiyori once more attempted to go separate ways from Kanami, but an unexpected confrontation by Kanami against Ellen Kohagura and her partner Kaoru Mashiko forced Hiyori to reunite with Kanami. A team effort from Kanami and Hiyori allowed them to escape the two students from Osafune. Later, Hiyori took the chance to tell Kanami her knowledge about the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay and the involvement of Yukari Origami in the incident and the death of her mother.[6]

Now determined as ever to work together, Kanami and Hiyori once again met Ellen and Kaoru. However this time, the girls from Osafune revealed themselves as being members of the anti-Origami group Mokusa. After giving their approval in joining the organization, Ellen and Kaoru would later help them in fighting the Elite Guards who were conducting an operation against Kanami and Hiyori. Due to the isolation tactics provided by Elite Guard Yomi Satsuki, Hiyori and Kanami had to face Yomi's companions Maki Shidou and Suzuka Konohana. Hiyori clearly struggled in fighting alone against Maki, and it took a diversionary attack by Kanami to bring down Maki and give them ample time to retreat.[7]

With Kaoru's request, Hiyori and Kanami continued their journey to Irozaki, as told by FineMan. However, Ellen's absence compelled the group to return to Ebisu. Upon their return, they ended up rescuing Ellen from Yomi, who used several noro vials to gain enough strength to overcome her enemies. Fortunately, Yomi lost control of this unstable power, allowing the four to escape to a nearby Mokusa-affiliated submarine.[8]

Inside the Mokusa submarine, Hiyori and the others recuperated from their injuries as they met the man behind the handle name FineMan, Richard Friedman. Through his explanation, Hiyori and the others were informed about the history behind the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay and Yukari's rise to power. Then, as they approached the headquarters of Mokusa, Hiyori, Kanami, Ellen and Kaoru were reunited with Mai and Sayaka, who were seeking refuge after Sayaka's decision to leave the campus of Renpu.[9]

At Mokusa's base, the six girls were welcomed by the leader of Mokusa and Yukari's younger sister Akane Origami and the president of Osafune Girls' Academy Sana Maniwa, and Akane expanded on the details revealed by Friedman about the Great Disaster. She revealed the importance of Hiyori's mother Kagari and Kanami's mother Minato in putting an end to the Great Disaster, and praised the two veterans for their show of strength in the incident.[10] Then, Mokusa decided to train the girls in group combat in order to prepare them for future conflicts, while allowing them to celebrate with the townsfolk at a local festival. After gathering her thoughts, Hiyori joined Kanami in declaring their affiliation with Mokusa.[11]

However, on the night of the festival, an ambush raid was launched by the Special Ritual Riot Squad against the headquarters of Mokusa. Hiyori managed to escape with the others, but left many of their mentors from Osafune at the mercy of Elite Guard Yume Tsubakuro's swordsmanship skill.[11]

The downfall of the Mokusa headquarters affected morale as the leaders of Mokusa struggled to make their next move. But, Hiyori eventually regained her determination and decided to continue with her mission to defeat Yukari; this time, however, she started recognizing the need to ask help from others and relented leadership duties to Mai. Later that night, while wearing S-Equipment, Hiyori and the others flew from Yokosuka Base to Kamakura City, determined to finish the fight against Yukari Origami through a direct assault.[12]

With the direction of Mai, the six girls made their way through the Origami Estate, and they inevitably faced the Elite Guard on their way to the inner shrine. Hiyori and Kanami crossed swords once again with Maki and Suzuka, who used the noro in their bloodstream to gain an advantage against their S-Equipment. Despite this, however, Maki was defeated by Hiyori, allowing her to join Kanami to face off with Yukari at the inner temple.[13]

Yukari, now presenting herself as the Great Aradama Tagitsuhime, emerged from the inner temple and prepared to deal with the two girls who were involved in the failed assassination attempt against her. Immediately, Hiyori and Kanami found it difficult to fight against Tagitsuhime even with the S-Equipment, and were about to be defeated as Tagitsuhime revealed its six-armed form. Soon, Kanami and Hiyori were joined by Mai, Sayaka, Ellen and Kaoru, but even their combined efforts were not enough.[14]

After a sudden moment where Kanami "fought with the same skill and power as her mother", Hiyori took the opportunity when Tagitsuhime was severely weakened by Kanami's attacks to use her mother's "sealing technique" against the Great Aradama. This time, her attack made it through, and Hiyori quickly accepted her fate as the "sealing technique" brought her deeper into the netherworld. However, before that could happen Kanami intervened and managed to pull her back into the living world, ensuring her survival.[14]

Uproar Arc

During the four months following the attempted sealing of Yukari Origami and the scattering of Tagitsuhime's remnants in the Kanto region, Hiyori returned to Nara and started living a normal life. However, despite the fulfillment of her mother's duty, Hiyori was still left with second thoughts about retiring from her Toji career. One day, Hiyori was visited by Iroha Gojou, the president of Heijou Institute, who informed her about an unknown hooded Toji who was attacking other Toji that were performing noro retrieval tasks. Although unsure about her next step, she decided to return to her duties as a Toji, reuniting with Kanami at Kamakura City.[15]

Combat Abilities

Expert Swordsmanship: As a representative Toji of her school she is quite skilled in kenjutsu, enough to make her way into the final match of the National Swordsmanship Tournament, hold her own against the First Seat of Origami Family's Elite Guard and two time National Champion Maki Shidou, albeit barely, as Maki is holding back. Mai noted that Hiyori's kenjutsu skill does not match the level that Kanami possesses, and Maki easily saw through her skill in after a short period of exchanging blows.[1]

  • Swordsmanship Style: Kashima Shinto-Ryu (鹿島新當流?) - A traditional school whose various techniques show a strong influence from the kenjutsu of the Warring States period. These techniques can be used not only on swords but on spears and naginata, and are based on actual fighting techniques used on the battlefield at that time.[1]

Immense Strength: She possesses a normal strength for a Toji, but after fusing with Princess Ichikishima, her striking power is greatly increased, allowing her to push Princess Tagitsu back with a single strike.

Immense Speed: Hiyori's fighting style tends to place more focus on speed and because of that her Jin'i is very fast and agile. Her strongest burst of Jin'i can even surpass supersonic speed. She is even faster after fusing with Princess Ichikishima and slightly faster than Princess Tagitsu. She can also perform her mother's technique to accelerate Jin'i to an infinite speed to drag an Aradama to the netherworld.

  • Third Layer Jin'i (三段階の迅移 Sandankai no Jin'i?): A considerably high-level Jin'i that can be performed by experienced Toji. She is capable of performing this kind of Jin'i.
  • Fifth Layer Jin'i (五段階の迅移 Godankai no Jin'i?): A "suicidal" Jin'i technique that is passed down along members of the Hiiragi family. Instead of using this as a mobility technique, it is instead used as a sealing technique, as it can lock its target into the fifth layer of the netherworld, where time almost ceases to move.

Immense Stamina: She is shown to have a good amount of stamina, as she has been seen as being capable of fighting for a long period of time, re-using Utsushi in a short period of time.

Utsushi Proficiency: Hiyori is capable of maintaining Utsushi for a very long time, she also can reactive it multiple time with ease.

Special Power: It is noted by Yukari that Hiyori comes from a lineage of a family that possesses the power to fuse with Aradama and gain their power, as well as also being able to exorcise Aradama.

  • Aradama-fused Form(Goddess of Lighting): By fusing with Princess Ishikishima, a Great Aradama, she gain immense power with her speed and her strength can surpass many other Toji, her body clad in overflowing aura of lighting, allow her to match with the like of Princess Tagitsu who is also a Great Aradama who had already absorbed Princess Takiri, she even has a slight advantage over Princess Tagitsu. This form also allows her to predict many possible future outcomes with dragon's eye. Despite the forms advantage, it does have its drawback, with Hiyori constantly seeing many possible future outcomes but she gains some control over it after getting some training from Yukari, it also places a heavy pressure on her body which turns her into a Great Aradama.

Household Chores Skill: She quite good at doing Household Chores, and can cook well. 


Okatana: Kogarasumaru (小烏丸?) - Hiyori's sword which bears a distinct shape called "Kissaki Moro Ha Zukuri", which consists of two cutting blade edges. Legends say that this sword was given to the Ise Grand Shrine by a large crow that was sent to visit the shrine.[1] The Kogarasumaru was also used by her mother while she was still an active Toji. According to Yukari, Kogarasumaru's strike is fatal as it deals with more damage to Aradama

Analog Spectrum Meter: She keeps a Spectrum Meter, a tool which she inherited from her mother. The Spectrum Meter is capable of sensing the presence of Aradama by using the natural reaction of noro, and is capable of sensing nearby hostile Aradama. It was once widely used by Toji before it was banned from use and has been since replaced by Spectrum Finders by the Origami Family.



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