Hina Aoto
Rarity: IconRarity1 School: IconSchoolRenpu
Voiced by: Tomomi Mineuchi
Stats at Level 1
IconStatsHeart Heart 12
IconStatsTechnique Technique 22
IconStatsBody Body 2
Support Skill
IconSkillBuffOffense Aoto Polishing Technique
SP Cost: 24
At Level 1:

For 3 turns, increases the Offense of a single ally member by 12


Hina Aoto (青砥 陽菜 Aoto Hina?) is a 16-year-old second year high school student of Renpu Girls' School. She is the only daughter of the Aoto-kan, a sword dealer in Harajuku. In order to inherit the store, her father recommended her to enroll in Minoseki Academy to study traditional craftsmanship, but as she aimed to learn new techniques, she ended up knocking on the gates of Renpu Girls' School. As a polisher (togishi), in order to carry the role of "restoring" okatana, considered a lost technology, she not only studies at school but also spends the rest of the day training her polishing skills on top of helping at the store as soon as she returns home.