Heijou emblem
Heijou Institute (平城学館, Heijou Gakkan) is a school affiliated with The Five Traditions, located in Nara prefecture. Heijou handles Aradama incidents that take place in the Shikoku region and the southern part of Kansai region. Notably, the school has created many excellent Toji and Maki Shidou, currently the two-time Kenjutsu Tournament champion, graduated from Heijou.

The school is led by President Iroha Gojou.


Students from Heijou Institute wear a one-piece dress uniform with a white sailor-style collar, a light green ribbon, and a skirt parted with two large pleats.

Students and Teaching Staff


Middle School Students

High School Students



  • The name of Heijou Institute originated from Heijou Palace (平城宮), the imperial residence during the Nara period (710-794 AD).