Ema Hashima (羽島 江麻 Hashima Ema?), born Ema Kagamishima (鏡島 江麻 Kagamishima Ema?), is an alumna of Renpu Girls' School and the current president of Minoseki Academy.


Ema is a woman with short brown hair and olive-green eyes. She wears typical business attire composing of a white inner dress and a mauve suit. A badge that carries the crest of Minoseki Academy can be seen on her left collar.

During her days as a Toji, she had slightly shorter hair.[2]


As the president of Minoseki Academy, she carries a professional air as well as compassion for her students. Although she stands as a subordinate to Yukari Origami, she makes sure that the welfare of her students is considered, regardless of any offense they are accused of.[3] She is quite easy-going and quick thinking.


During the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, she belonged to the advance party led by Yukari Origami (along with Iroha YoshinoYukina SagamiSana Arami, and Yuzuki Fushimi) in the mission to defeat the Great Aradama ravaging across Fujisawa. As they pushed through the location of the Great Aradama, Ema was ordered to retreat by Yukari after seeing Yukina being too fatigued to fight any further. Despite her worries, she eventually joined the retreating group, with Yukari proceeding with fellow Toji Kagari Hiiragi and Minato Fujiwara.[2]

Two years after the Great Disaster, Yukari, who became the head of the Origami Family, appointed her as the president of Minoseki Academy. [2]


After the Minoseki Academy Representative Selection Tournament, Ema was present in handing over the certificates that officially declared Kanami Etou and Mai Yanase as representatives of Minoseki Academy on the National Swordsmanship Tournament.[4]

She was later asked to come to the headquarters of the Special Sword Administration Bureau in Kamakura City for questions related to Hiyori's attack on Yukari Origami and Kanami acting as an accomplice to the incident.[3] Ema reassured Mai about Kanami's safety, all while making her own actions that would help Kanami and Hiyori. With the help of Mai, Kanami and Hiyori received a small letter that would bring them to Rui Onda, a retired Toji from Minoseki that allowed the two to stay over at her apartment unit.[5]

Ema was later relieved from custody after a prolonged stay within the headquarters of the Special Sword Administration Bureau. However, she continued providing assistance to Kanami and her friends, this time allowing Mai and Renpu Girls' School's Sayaka Itomi to escape into safer hands after the latter ran away from Renpu's president Yukina Takatsu. As a "last request", Ema called Osafune Girls' Academy president Sana Maniwa to bring Mai and Sayaka to her care and assured her that she was aware of the repercussions of her actions.[6]

The raid of the base of the anti-Origami group Mokusa sparked a widespread investigation throughout the schools affiliated under The Five Traditions. Minoseki Academy was accused of cooperating in large-scale terrorist activity, and Ema was detained for related offenses.[7]


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