Event Duration: April 1, 2018 12:00 PM - April 9, 2018 17:59 PM (times in JST)

Note: Redemption of rewards will continue up to April 16, 2018.


Yume's sudden request for a hot springs trip for the Elite Guard brought back memories from when Yume was just recently inducted into the group. During that time, the Elite Guard existed only by name, and the four are still relatively unfamiliar with each other. However, it was during one particular sortie that allowed the four to recognize each other's strengths.

Around the time when Yume was still new to the Elite Guard, Yukari Origami deployed Maki Shidou and Suzuka Konohana to an Aradama extermination operation in Hakone, the largest since the founding of the Elite Guard. Although well-prepared with supplies and manpower for the operation, both Maki and Suzuka showed disagreements in leadership styles, and the two Elite Guards were stepping on each other's toes while fighting against the Aradama. Eventually, the two were separated from their units, and had to fend off the increasing numbers of Aradama for the next six hours.

At the headquarters of the Special Sword Administration Bureau, panic slowly tore through the morale of the commanders in the control room as Maki and Suzuka being MIA became apparent. Eventually, Maki and Suzuka's adjutants Kazumi Watanuki and Wakako Naeba found out about the current situation, and the commanders felt helpless in looking for a way to reach Maki and Suzuka amidst the Aradama army. The morale took a drastic turn, however, as Yukari herself assumed command of the operation forces and sent a rescue team consisting of two other Elite Guards, Yomi Satsuki and Yume Tsubakuro. To the surprise of everyone, Yomi and Yume easily covered three kilometers of hostile terrain through Yukari's directions and were able to reach Maki and Suzuka before sundown. Upon reaching the two exhausted Elite Guards, Yomi and Yume agreed to let Maki and Suzuka rest while they weakened the Aradama forces surrounding them.

Suzuka decided to bring the four Elite Guards at a nearby hot springs after the exhausting operation. As they rested their bodies, Maki and Suzuka voiced their relief in having been rescued by Yomi and Yume, and were grateful about their effort to save them from danger. Suddenly, Yume started talking about the bust size of her companions, much to Suzuka's embarrassment. Yomi then decided to wash Suzuka's back, prompting Yume to wash Maki's.

Event Details

New event maps are available to all players within the event's duration. Defeating Aradama in these event maps give Elite Guard Bonds in chests, and clearing these maps give Event Points.

Attaining Event Points allows players to claim rewards based on the amount of total Event Points received. On the other hand, Elite Guard Bonds can be exchanged for a variety of items, including coins, Awakening materials, Ougi Scrolls, a new Formation Manual, and materials to limit break a 3★ Mihono Asakura (S-Equipment) card.

Story Quests

Name Requirement
"I Want To Go On a Hot Spring Trip" N/A
"Flashback: Aradama Sweep Operation" Clear Normal 1
"Aradama Army" Clear Normal 2
"At the End of the Death Struggle" Clear Normal 3
"Yukari Origami's Power" Clear Hard 1
"Searching for One's Comrades" Clear Hard 2
"Escape from Certain Death" Clear Hard 3
"Hot Springs with Everyone!" Clear Very Hard 1

Event Maps

Map Name Stamina
Elite Guard Memoirs Normal 1 4
Elite Guard Memoirs Normal 2 4
Elite Guard Memoirs Normal 3 6
Elite Guard Memoirs Hard 1 6
Elite Guard Memoirs Hard 2 6
Elite Guard Memoirs Hard 3 9
Elite Guard Memoirs Very Hard 1 8
Elite Guard Memoirs Very Hard 2 12
Elite Guard Memoirs Extreme 1 10
Elite Guard Memoirs Extreme 2 15

Event Bonuses

Main Members

Support Members


Event Point Rewards

Points Attained Reward
100 Ice Cream (Vanilla) x 3
200 1★ Lotus (Red) x 200
300 1★ Lotus (Yellow) x 200
400 1★ Lotus (Green) x 200
500 Rainbow Tamahagane x 100
750 4★ Nene x 1
1000 1★ Lotus (Blue) x 200
1500 1★ Lotus (Pink) x 200
2000 4★ Gold Bar x 1
2500 Rainbow Tamahagane x 300
3000 Ice Cream (Vanilla) x 1
3500 2★ Lotus (Red) x 100
4000 2★ Lotus (Yellow) x 100
4500 2★ Lotus (Green) x 100
5000 3★ Futaba Nagae x1
5500 4★ Nene x 1
6000 2★ Lotus (Blue) x 100
6500 2★ Lotus (Pink) x 100
7000 Rainbow Tamahagane x 300
8000 4★ Gold Bar x 1
9000 Ice Cream (Vanilla) x 3
10000 3★ Mihono Asakura (S-Equipment) x1
11000 3★ Lotus (Red) x 25
12000 3★ Lotus (Yellow) x 25
13000 3★ Lotus (Green) x 25
14000 4★ Nene x 1
15000 3★ Lotus (Blue) x 25
16500 3★ Lotus (Pink) x 25
18000 4★ Gold Bar x 1
20000 Rainbow Tamahagane x 100

Elite Guard Bond Item Shop List

Item Price Purchase Limit
Coins x 10 10 N/A
Quest Key 100 5
1★ Ougi Scroll (Slash) 100 30
1★ Ougi Scroll (Stab) 100 30
1★ Ougi Scroll (Break) 100 30
2★ Ougi Scroll (Slash) 200 15
2★ Ougi Scroll (Stab) 200 15
2★ Ougi Scroll (Break) 200 15
3★ Ougi Scroll (Slash) 400 7
3★ Ougi Scroll (Stab) 400 7
3★ Ougi Scroll (Break) 400 7
2★ Awakening Purifying Bell 100 40
3★ Awakening Purifying Bell 200 20
4★ Awakening Purifying Bell 400 10
2★ Recruitment Ticket 1000 3
Formation Manual: Serpent-Dragon 1000 1
3★ Futaba Nagae 2000 5
3★ Mihono Asakura (S-Equipment) Blooming Gem 3000 1
3★ Mihono Asakura (S-Equipment) Blooming Gem 5000 3