Chinatsu Shimoishii
Rarity: IconRarity2 School: IconSchoolOsafune
Voiced by: ???
Stats at Level 1
IconStatsHeart Heart 24
IconStatsTechnique Technique 42
IconStatsBody Body 14
Support Skill
IconSkillDebuffDamage Blade Momentum Prediction
SP Cost: 35
At Level 1:
  • For 3 turns, lowers a single enemy Frontline member's damage by 12%
  • Returns all Support Members to the stock, shuffles the Support Member stock and adds three Support Members to one's hand


Chinatsu Shimoishii (下石井 千夏 Shimoishii Chinatsu?) is a 14-year-old second-year middle school student of Osafune Girls' Academy. She is a girl who lives for helping anyone, and is always on the run, supporting anybody in trouble. It appears like she can deal with just about any kind of problem, even problems that are not related to swordsmithing, and seems to be able to perform equipment maintenance and experimentation after attending lectures on engineering and research. Her attentiveness and calm smile is known throughout her school for helping bringing a team together.