Chinami Kamo (Pastry Chef)
Rarity: IconRarity4 School: IconSchoolHeijou
Voiced by: ???
Stats at Level 40
IconStatsHeart Heart 832
IconStatsTechnique Technique 992
IconStatsBody Body 696
Support Skill
IconSkillRemoveBuffs Sweet Doll
SP Cost: 50
At Level 9:
  • Removes all positive status effects from a single enemy and lowers its Offense by 240 and Physique by 220


Chinami Kamo (鴨 ちなみ Kamo Chinami?) is a 14-year-old third year middle school student of Heijou Institute. She defiantly lives a showy high-school life compared to her school friends who live through the sword. Her skills as a Toji are at a fairly reasonable level, but her dance-like sword-twirling techniques fascinate anyone who sees her in action. As such, whenever Chinami steps into the spotlight, she naturally stands out. Her unit's commanding officer usually puts her at the middle of the formation for publicity purposes.