Ayanokouji emblem
Ayanokouji Martial Arts School (綾小路武芸学舎, Ayanokouji Bugei Gakusha) is a school affiliated to The Five Traditions, located in Kyoto prefecture. The school's jurisdiction covers the remaining of the Kansai region not currently under Heijou Institute's responsibility. Despite being part of the Five Traditions, Ayanokouji stands as a traditional school with a lot of history, with Toji from Ayanokouji being treated with great respect. In times of emergency, the Special Sword Administration Bureau can assume the school as a temporary headquarters.


Students of Ayanokouji wear a uniform that combines the gakuran and the seifuku. The uniform consists of a black inner blouse with a band collar, a white long-sleeved sailor-style shirt with a gray collar and black ribbon, and a long white pleated skirt.

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