Akane Origami (折神 朱音 Origami Akane?) is a member of the Origami Family and founder of the anti-Origami group Mokusa.


Akane is a woman with long black hair and deep aqua eyes. Her hair is arranged into a low ponytail, with fringes of hair on either side of her face. She wears attire that has thematic similarities to the military uniform worn by Yukari. It consists of a buttoned-up dress shirt, a purple coat, a long purple-and-white pleated skirt, black hosiery and white boots. She also wears a red brooch and a white shawl as accessories.

She have short black hair 20 years ago. She mostly have a kind, gentle expression on her face.


Gentle-mannered, kind-hearted, caring for others well-being but determined, courageous as well, Akane presents a stark contrast to the stiffer, more leader-like personality of her older sister. She shows a strong sense of duty, willing to oppose her sister despite the gap in political power and influence and their family background because her existence as an Aradama would be a risk to others as a Toji.[1]


During her days as a student of Renpu Girls' School, she joined the Toji forces that were assigned to assist the Special Ritual Riot Squad during the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, and was officially considered a veteran of the incident. However, Akane discovered that her older sister and one of the heroes of the Great Disaster, Yukari Origami, was no longer the person she once was after leading the advance group to the Great Aradama, and she discovered the removal of two other "heroes" of the Great Disaster, Kagari Juujou and Minato Fujiwara, from official records. Due to her suspicions that the Great Aradama, which she calls Tagitsuhime, had taken over the body of her older sister, she founded the anti-Origami group Mokusa. Among her actions involved writing a letter addressed to Kagari, which was later read by her daughter Hiyori, urging the younger Juujou to plot an assassination against Yukari.[1]


Akane officially made her appearance after Richard Friedman had taken Kanami Etou and Hiyori Juujou to safety, allowing a reunion between them, Mai Yanase and Sayaka Itomi in the headquarters of Mokusa along with Ellen Kohagura, Kaoru Mashiko and Sana Maniwa from Osafune Girls' Academy. Here, she retold the "hidden history" of the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay, from her discovery of Yukari's encounter with the Great Aradama to Akane's own support of Kagari and Minato's families after they were removed from official documents as Toji. She also confirmed several things, notably Minato being Kanami's mother, Akane being the writer of the letter received by Hiyori, and the current status of the Great Aradama.[1]

Combat Abilities

She possesses standand abilities for a Toji when she was still an active one. Currently she is just a normal woman.


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